YouthPlaces provides more than just a safe place for adolescents after school. Programs range from basketball leagues to tutoring to community service projects. Key program elements are as follows:
  • Career readiness programs help teenagers prepare for success in school and in the workforce through offering workshops, entrepreneurial programs, and work experiences.
  • Personalized, one-on-one services, from case management to mentoring are available to those who need them.
  • Guest speakers and field trips expose youth to new avenues, including business, community resources, and outdoor programs.
  • Recreational activities not only give youth a safe outlet but also build relationships among youth from different neighborhoods.
  • Arts and cultural activities allow youth to explore their creativity through such programs as murals, photography, and jewelry making.
  • Youth leadership programs train kids to take charge of their YouthPlaces experience, their life choices, and the future of their communities.
  • Academic enrichment programs connected to Pittsburgh Public School curriculum and focus on improving student achievement.

YouthPlaces programs are diverse and flexible, and can adapt to meet the unique needs of individual youth and communities.



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